Chompie Jr. Takes the DC Area By Fin

Chompie Jr.
Chompie Jr. is a commuter, too!

Here at Discovery, we’re getting ready to kick off everyone’s favorite summer celebration, Shark Week, beginning this Sunday at 8pm ET/PT. Chompie Jr. is also gearing up to welcome back the King of Summer. In celebration of all things Shark Week, Chompie Jr. will be making the rounds tomorrow in the DC area, surprising locals and tourists alike with his toothy grin.

Follow the hashtag #ChompieAttack to keep tabs on Chompie Jr.’s whereabouts, and don’t forget to post using the #ChompieAttack hashtag if you happen to encounter this aquatic creature in the Nation’s Capital tomorrow. Get your photo taken with Chompie Jr. and you might win some free Shark Week swag so that you can kick off everyone’s favorite week in style. Keep your eyes peeled, D.C. – Chompie Jr.’s on the loose!