Last Call: Enter American Heroes Channel’s “My Hero Is…” Contest

Don’t miss out! This Sunday, October 19 is the last day to submit entries to the “My Hero Is…” contest. First announced on September 22, the program was created together by American Heroes Channel, Discovery Education and the National Military Family Association as a way to recognize those brave and honorable individuals serving our country.

If you know someone who is either a current or veteran military hero or a member of a military family, submit a 30-second video to the “My Hero Is…” contest, sharing why you think that individual deserves the honor. The first place winner will be flown to NYC to be a part of the National Military Family Association’s float during the national Veterans Day parade on November 11. The winner will also be featured in an interstitial on American Heroes Channel.

Students who know a hero associated with the military can participate, too, by submitting videos on behalf of their local school. The school with the most number of entries will have the chance to celebrate local veterans within their community with a Veterans Day assembly event hosted by Discovery Education and American Heroes Channel. For more information about the “My Hero Is…” contest, visit