Animal Planet L!VE Gets Ghoulish New Addition: ‘Zombie Cam’

You’ve prepared lists of how to survive the zombie apocalypse and practiced your best zombie makeup at home in preparation for Halloween, but things just got more lively. Animal Planet L!VE has just added to its live streams of cockroaches, kittens and sloths a stumbling, undead creature now featured on the all-new Zombie Cam.

Earlier today, members of the Animal Planet team found a zombie roaming the office hallways, displaying the trademark signs of Zombism. They immediately contained it and set up 24-hour surveillance, which is now streaming at

Viewers can share their own observations on Facebook and Twitter using the #ZombieCam hashtag and even add their opinions on how best to manage the newest “colleague.”

Also, don’t forget to tune into Beastly Nights, a special lineup of primetime programming running through October 30, on Animal Planet. With cryptic creatures, near-death tales, never-before-seen footage AND Zombie Cam, how can you lose?

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