Senators Trade the Hill for the Wild in Discovery’s ‘Rival Survival’

Discovery Channel's Rival SurvivalIn the DC area, one of the first questions you get in social situations usually involves what you do and/or where you work. I’m used to being the exception, when I share that I work for Discovery (a stark contrast to friends and acquaintances who work for the federal government, government contractors, lobbying firms, etc.).

However, DC meets Discovery Channel in the network’s latest premiere, Rival Survival. Premiering tonight (October 29) at 10pm ET/PT, the special pairs Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) on a remote island (Eru in the Marshall Islands) for a week, as they face an environment that may even be more wild than the halls of Congress.

Putting aside their political differences and working together for six days and nights, the senators are presented with a modest choice of items from which they can select only three to use during their adventure. With these limited supplies and their wits, Sen. Flake and Sen. Heinrich attempt to spear fish, build shelter and find enough water to survive for one week.

For history buffs, the island of Eru played a key role in World War II and is home to the wreckage of downed WWII aircraft. And, for Shark Week fans, it also happens to be the largest shark sanctuary in the world – spanning more than two million square miles of protected waters. The ban on shark fishing has created one of the strongest shark populations on earth with nearly every major species of shark.

Senators, survival and sharks…oh, my! Don’t miss Rival Survival tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery!