Are You Ready to Walk the Wire with Nik Wallenda in Discovery’s ‘Skyscraper Live’?

It’s getting down to the wire! In three days, the world will be watching as Nik Wallenda faces his most audacious challenge yet in Skyscraper Live. While the idea of walking hundreds of feet above the bustling streets of downtown Chicago on a wire ¾ of an inch wide – the approximate width of a human finger – would make most of us run for the hills (and solid ground!), it’s not enough to stop Nik. In fact, he’s added to the incredibly difficulty level with two challenges: walking a portion of the wire uphill at a 15-degree angle (about eight vertical stories) and walking a portion of the wire while blindfolded. Untethered. With no net.

Viewers around the world can watch the thrilling event in more than 220 countries on the Discovery Channel, beginning at 7pm ET/4pm PT and enhance their viewing experience before, during and after at (available in 60 countries and 14 languages). The site (from the Emmy Award-winning team behind Skywire Live) will feature multiple camera angles to complement the on-air event and feature social conversation during the event, displaying in real-time both an EKG of the volume of Twitter conversation and a map of the conversations around world. And, beginning at 6pm ET/3pm PT on November 2, Chris Jacobs will host Wired In, a live digital experience bringing viewers behind-the-scenes information in conjunction with Skyscraper Live.

Though the event is still a couple days away, viewers can visit now to experience the walk for themselves through Take the Walk, a 3D, hyper-real simulation of what Wallenda will soon face. Behind the scenes videos also are available, where you can learn more about Nik and the extensive training he has gone through to prepare for the big event. Additionally, don’t forget to follow the action at @SkyscraperLive and, as well as through the #SkyscraperLive hashtag across social platforms.

As USA Today put it, it’s “one gnarly urban commute.” We’ll see you then!