The Boys Are Back! Discovery’s ‘Moonshiners’ Returns for Fourth Season

Moonshiners fans everywhere can rejoice, as the fan-favorite program makes its triumphant return for a fourth season tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

The black market for white lightening is thriving, but that doesn’t mean the road is easy going for the boys. This season, Tim’s distilling legally, but production is quickly stopped in its tracks when Limestone Distillery is the target of arson. Meanwhile, Tickle, Tyler and Chico continue their outlaw moonshine production in the mountains of Kentucky, causing Tim (who’s working to get to the bottom of the fire) to make some tough choices. And Jeff, Mark and Lance have their own challenges, having decided to move their operation into forbidden and unknown territory with the law on their trail.

It’s an ongoing cat and mouse game between the guys and law enforcement that’ll keep you guessing all season long. Check out a sneak peak of the fourth season premiere of Moonshiners below, and don’t miss the premiere tonight!