Discovery Education’s STEM Leader Forum Brings Together Boston Leaders and Educators

Today in Boston, Discovery Communications and Discovery Education hosted its STEM Leader Forum, bringing together local leaders and educators from the public and private sectors in a half-day symposium focused on discussing the best ways to provide Boston area students with the skills they need today for the jobs of tomorrow. A hands-on STEM learning experience in the afternoon for over 150 6th grade middle school students complemented the morning’s collaborative forum.

Representatives from Discovery Education, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, the City of Boston, US2020 and Citizen Schools kicked off the event with a series of discussions that revolved around how STEM careers have shaped – and will continue to shape – our modern world. They also collectively emphasized the importance of inspiring today’s youth by providing them with the education programs and experiences necessary to become innovative leaders down the road.

Guest speaker Hakeem Oluseyi, host of Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science, spoke with the group about his own STEM experience and the importance mentors played in helping him get to where he is today.

Hakeem’s commentary segued the morning’s forum into the afternoon’s curiosity workshop. Deepika Kurup, the 2012 3M Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge winner, offered brief words of encouragement to the 156 middle school students in attendance before they were given the chance to flex their STEM muscles in a hands-on activity, working as teams on catapults and circuits. The event concluded with Hakeem discussing and answering the students’ questions about all things science and the universe.

Also partnering with Discovery for the forum were Boston STEM Network, Boston After School & Beyond and Boston Public Schools.


Rahn Dorsey, Chief of Education for the City of Boston and John Barros, Chief of Economic Development for the City of Boston.
Dr. Cindy Moss, Director of Global STEM Initiatives, Discovery Education.
Hakeem Oluseyi speaks with a group of middle school students.