Deck The Halls with Animal Planet L!VE’s Holiday Cams

In case you’ve ever wondered if the kittens, puppies and chicks featured on Animal Planet L!VE could get any cuter, the answer is yes, they can, thanks to some cheerful holiday decorations and toys. While Santa is busy in the North Pole preparing for Christmas, he’s dispatched a couple elves to APL’s live cams, and they’ve made sure there is no shortage of seasonal laughter and joy for all everyone who tunes in.

Over the next few weeks, the Kitten Cam will ring in the holidays with a series of festive celebrations. In addition to receiving some new holiday décor to sniff and explore, the kittens will have special playtimes each week: Kitten Mitten Mondays and Snowball Fight Fridays. Every Monday through the holidays, the kittens will be given soft mittens to play with – who knows, the kittens might even be small enough to fit into one of them! Each consecutive Friday, they will be given “snowballs” (white felt balls) that they can use to playfully bat back and forth between each other. During these playtimes, a couple Animal Planet L!VE producers will be there, dressed in their festive holiday sweaters, to give the kittens a little extra love and attention during the holidays.

Other Animal Planet L!VE cams that are decking the halls include:

  • A special Cute “Mostly Kittens” Channel, which features clips of – you guessed it – mostly kittens and other cute animals filmed in holiday settings.
  • Puppy Cam, which will also host a series of snowball fights.
  • Chick Cam, where a new snowy, winter backdrop will give the chicks something new to peck at.

And in case small, fluffy animals are not your thing, check out Cockroach Cam, which the elves also visited and decorated, complete with a miniature Christmas tree.

If the holidays themselves weren’t enough to coax a smile or two out of you, these holiday cams on Animal Planet L!VE might just do the trick.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve