The Puppies Are Coming! The Puppies Are Coming!

Puppy Bowl XI is only two days away, and Animal Planet has been busy giving fans and pup lovers across the country previews of what they can expect from Team Ruff and Team Fluff: from releasing the official Puppy Bowl Starting Lineup, to creating an online Fantasy Game, to launching the Puppy Bowl Pregame Show offering behind the scenes analysis. They even teamed up with Uber on Wednesday (#UberPuppyBowl) to bring adoptable puppies to animal lovers in ten cities across the U.S. (You can take a peek at some of the cutest photos from the event here.)

And, since all of us here in the office can’t let everyone else have all the fun, we held our own Puppy Bowl tailgate this afternoon with adorable, adoptable puppies from the Washington Animal Rescue League. What happens at a Puppy Bowl tailgate, you ask? In addition to fun games and lots of tasty treats (for humans and our four-legged friends), we’re able to snuggle and cuddle tiny little puppies and give them some lots of love and attention before they find their forever homes. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

This is it: the countdown is on! Visit to catch up on all things Ruff & Fluff, and don’t miss the most uncoordinated action you’ll likely see this year. Puppy Bowl XI airs Sunday, February 1 at 3pm ET/PT. May the best team win!