Could You Go One Day Without Producing Trash? Take Discovery Digital Networks’ Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste ChallengeWhile the average American produces a shocking 4.3 pounds of trash a day (a number that adds up to more than 1,600 pounds a year) one New York woman has produced less than one mason jar of waste in the last two years.

A recently-launched episode of Seeker’s Going Off Grid profiles Lauren Singer and her decision to reduce the amount of trash she produces by making some simple – and some not-so-simple – lifestyle changes. Reusing, composting and recycling almost everything, Lauren shops in bulk from farmer’s markets and grocery stores, uses a compostable toothbrush, and makes her own toothpaste, deodorant and make-up in reusable containers.

Inspired by Lauren’s lifestyle, Discovery Digital Networks is challenging people to take the Zero Waste Challenge, going one day without producing any trash, on Tuesday, April 14th. For every Tweet to @SeekerNetwork with the #zerowaste hashtag, Discovery Digital Networks will donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful.  Keep America Beautiful is the nation’s leading nonprofit that works within communities to educate people on environmentally friendly best practices and to revitalize and transform public spaces into beautiful sustainable places.

You can check out Lauren’s episode of Going Off Grid below and take some of her tips and tricks to help reduce the trash you produce – even if just for one day.