The Sixth Season of ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’ Returns Tonight to Science Channel

The sixth season of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman kicks off tonight on Science Channel, and its focus on bigotry and bias is coincidentally timely. The season premiere will explore the effects of negative cultural stereotypes on our subconscious and how they may be changed.

Other topics explored this season run the gamut – from quantum physics and how the future influences the present, to what our purpose on Earth might be aside from reproduction, to why we choose to lie and deliberately deceive others.

In each of the six all-new episodes, leading experts, thinkers and scientists contribute their own groundbreaking theories, challenging viewers to consider new perspectives and confront ideas that push the envelope of conventional television.

Here is what each of the six episodes will ask:

  • Wednesday, April 29 at 10pm ET/CT: Are We All Bigots?
  • Wednesday, May 6 at 10pm ET/CT: Can Time Go Backwards?
  • Wednesday, May 13 at 10pm ET/CT: Are We Here For a Reason?
  • Wednesday, May 20 at 10pm ET/CT: Do We Live in the Matrix?
  • Wednesday, May 27 at 10pm ET/CT: Are Aliens Inside of Us?
  • Wednesday, June 3 at 10pm ET/CT: Why Do We Lie?

Watch the video below to see what viewers can expect this season, and don’t forget to tune into the premiere tonight at 10pm ET/CT!