You’ve Been Warned: You Won’t Want to Watch Animal Planet’s ‘Monster Week’ Alone

Animal Planet’s Monster Week is back – and the bone-chilling lineup is packed with so much spook that the event is spanning a terrifying nine nights!
The monstrous programming event kicked off yesterday, Sunday evening with a special River Monsters “Africa’s Deadliest,” with Jeremy Wade traveling to Botswana in pursuit of a pack-hunting carnivore blamed for mauling victims of a capsized boat.
Sound horrifying and thrilling at the same time? Then you won’t want to miss what else Monster Week has in store:
  • Monday, May 18th – Serial Killer Tiger at Large (8pm ET/CT)
  • Tuesday, May 19th – Deadly After Dark (8pm ET/CT)
  • Wednesday, May 20th – Killer Hornets From Hell (8pm ET/CT)
  • Thursday, May 21st – Mauled (8pm ET/CT), Monster Island (9pm ET/CT)
  • Friday, May 22nd – I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident (7-9pm ET/CT), Monster Croc Invasion (9pm ET/CT)
  • Sunday, May 24th – The Cannibal in the Jungle (9pm ET/CT)
  • Monday, May 25th – River Monsters: Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror (8pm ET/CT)