Put Yourself at the Center of the Action with ‘Discovery VR’

Discovery VR LogoFor more than 30 years, Discovery Communications has been connecting with audiences with the world around them and, as technology has evolved, so has how we bring stories and experiences to audiences. Today, I’m excited to be able to point all of you to the latest merging of content and technology at Discovery — Discovery VR!

Some of the most innovative and creative minds across our company have been working hard to pull together a new destination for great virtual reality content that spans our linear and digital networks – from shark dives off the Bahamas (just in time for Discovery Channel’s Shweekend) to adventures with Discovery Digital Networks‘ Kyle Thiermann (on a surfboard, of course) and Survivorman‘s Les Stroud.

Discovery VR's "How to Survive in the Wild" with Survivorman's Les Stround
Discovery VR’s “How to Survive in the Wild” with Survivorman’s Les Stroud

You can read more about Discovery VR in the official announcement, but I suggest you dive right in! Discovery VR is available across several platforms…just follow the links below to get started:

Discovery VR also is available via the Samsung Milk VR premium video service and on our network YouTube channels. Enjoy!