You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before: Destination America to Air Live Exorcism Tonight

In 1949, several priests worked together to exorcise young Roland Doe and rid him of his internal demons in his suburban St. Louis home, inspiring the now-classic book and subsequent film, The Exorcist. Sixty-six years later, Destination America is returning to the same house in an attempt to rid it of the lurking spirits that still inhabit the space. The two-hour event, Exorcism: Live!will be broadcast tonight beginning at 9/8c.

Hosted by actor and media correspondent Chris Jacobs (you might recognize him as host of Velocity’s Overhaulin’), Exorcism: Live! will bring in world-renowned psychic medium Chip Coffey to lead efforts to communicate with the house’s spirits who, according to Chip, “know we’re coming.”

Viewers can get involved by following the multiple live camera feeds set up around the house online at They can also track and report any mysterious anomalies they may see on their own screens by using #ExorcismLive. St. Louis media personality Dave Glover will be the interactive correspondent, sharing these observations with the on-the-ground team. If activity is particularly unusual in a room the team is not currently focusing on, Dave may ask them to shift their investigation.

To learn more, head to Don’t forget to tune in to Destination America tonight at 9/8c!