Meet Our ‘Nuclear Family’, a New Sketch Comedy Channel From the SourceFed Team


What do you get when you combine the irreverent humor behind SourceFed with the awesomeness of Bree Essrig, Matt Lieberman and Steve Zaragoza? An epic Nuclear Family!  Kicking off today, some of your favorite faces from SourceFed will be bringing their comedic genius to Nuclear Family, the new sketch comedy channel featuring Bree Essrig, Matt Lieberman and Steve Zaragoza, along with frequent guest appearances from their friends across the web.

Nuclear Family will publish weekly parodies, musical comedy and topical sketches on the headlines dominating the news. Fans can check out new content on the official YouTube channel each Saturday, where content will live exclusively for the first three days.

Don’t forget to check out today’s newly launched videos on YouTube, including The Truth About Trolls, and connect with the Nuclear Family gang on Twitter. Welcome to the Nuclear Family!