Life With a Newborn Leaves New Parents “Rattled”


Few things can change your life quite like becoming a parent. I should know – I joined the ranks of moms everywhere when my husband and I welcomed our son in September. Sure, we had read all the books, heard all the stories from well-meaning friends and relatives, but nothing can quite prepare you for the completely exciting, exhausting, joyful and ultimately terrifying experience of becoming a first-time parent.

Tonight, TLC explores that wild ride with the premiere of Rattled, a show that chronicles four diverse couples throughout the first year of their newborn’s life. Each couple will face unique challenges, from balancing work and family to adjusting to new dynamics in their marriages. One couple dealt with infertility for years only to discover they were pregnant…with four babies. Another deals with the stress of overbearing extended family who have (loud) opinions about how to raise the baby.

Check out a sneak peek of Rattled and don’t miss the premiere tonight at 10PM ET/PT.