Sink Your Teeth into Discovery’s ‘Venom Hunters’


Who can forget the relentless itch of a mosquito bite? At times, they can seem pretty unbearable.

Now imagine you’re walking outdoors and instead of hearing the snappy hum of a mosquito in your ear, a snake lurches forward and bites you, sinking its fangs into your leg and delivering a powerful, dangerous venom to your bloodstream. Your only chance at staving off its debilitating effects – and possibly death – depends solely on whether you can get to an anti-venom in time. (Bet that mosquito bite seems pretty tolerable now.)

Discovery’s Venom Hunters, premiering tonight at 10/9c, follows four brave teams of expert snake hunters as they risk their lives to collect the toxic venom around the world, from Florida’s swamplands to the plains of Oklahoma and the Australian outback. Without the venom they and others like them collect, anti-venoms wouldn’t exist. There’s a fine line between risking your life and saving the lives of others, and the Venom Hunters team walks it carefully. Head here to learn more about the new series, and don’t forget to tune in tonight, February 17, at 10/9c!