“Alexa, What’s the News?” ‘DNews’ Comes to Amazon Echo

Are you a news junkie and crave daily doses of science and pop culture? DNews, Discovery Digital Networks’ online source of news and science that reaches more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more across multiple platforms and social channels, is now available on Amazon Echo.

Released in late 2014, Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth smart speaker and voice command device made by Amazon that turns any home into a smart home. Yes, that means you can order products, play music, and now absorb the daily news all from one device!

DNews is one of just a few select media companies available on the news flash briefing, among BBC, CNN, ESPN Radio SportsCenter, Fox and Bloomberg.

Discovery is excited to work with Amazon, extending the reach and scope of DNews, bringing world news and views to new and existing audiences.