‘Nuclear Family’ Recasts Iconic Movies for International Women’s Day

Introducing Willamina Wonka!
Introducing Willamina Wonka!

Today, March 8, marks International Women’s Day — a day to celebrate all the social, cultural and political achievements of women (with a continued focus on parity).

In honor of today and in celebration of the amazing women on YouTube (and their commitment to championing female voices online), the talented ladies of SourceFed and Nuclear Family teamed up with a few special friends and YouTube Space LA to ask what if…

  • Willy Wonka was a woman?
  • Hans Solo was Hannah Solo in the infamous Star Wars cantina scene?
  • Tyler Durden’s Fight Club was the home to femme fatales?

Join Bree Essrig, Maude Garrett, Reina Scully and many more in a journey into gender swapped movies…you’ll laugh and maybe you’ll ponder some of the challenges women still face today (though these ladies have talent, guts and much more in spades).