Don’t Miss Investigation Discovery’s Controversial Documentary ‘Dream Killer’ This Sunday, August 14

Dream Killer

Imagine being convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison based on the testimony of a friend claiming to witness the murder in a dream. Bizarrely enough, that’s what happened in 2005, when Ryan Ferguson was convicted of the murder of sports news editor Kent Heitholt and sentenced to 40 years in prison based on his friend Charles Erickson’s testimony, who claimed to witness the horrible murder in his dreams.

Investigation Discovery’s Dream Killer takes viewers inside this gut-wrenching story of a father’s 10-year journey to free his son from the prison sentence that was based on somebody else’s dream and shows them the worst and best of the American judicial system.

Viewers will be able to see intense and suspenseful interviews with key people at the heart of Ryan’s trial and hear from Ryan’s high-powered Chicago attorney Kathleen Zellner who helps solve the case.

As the latest entrant in a true-crime TV craze, Dream Killer is a special event you don’t want to miss. Catch its premiere on Sunday, August 14 at 8/7c as part of Investigation Discovery’s documentary strand.