3…2…1… Liftoff!

Discovery Education Joins Forces with Lockheed Martin on Space Initiative to Ignite Interest in STEM Careers  

Going to Mars is not just science fiction or an award-winning (and pretty awesome) Matt Damon movie. NASA is already building the rockets to take the adventurers on their mission. Today, Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, announced a new multi-year partnership with Lockheed Martin to launch a school-to-home education initiative designed to excite today’s middle school students and their families about STEM, specifically deep space exploration and what it takes to get the world’s first crew to Mars.

Called Generation Beyond, the initiative brings the science of space into homes and classrooms across America to engage young people in the wonders of space, and provides comprehensive resources to bring the science, technology, engineering, and math behind tomorrow’s STEM careers to life.

Available at no cost, Generation Beyond includes dynamic online curriculum for teachers and families, with lots of digital learning resources like lesson plans, educator guides and family activity starters.  In addition, students are invited to enter a nationwide Space Video Challenge, where one grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize for their design of the astronaut living quarters on NASA’s Orion spacecraft that will carry the first crew to Mars.

On October 4th, during Space Week, the program takes off for the stars with a worldwide Virtual Field Trip, hosted live from the Lockheed Martin Spacecraft Operations Simulation Center in Littleton, Colorado.  Students will virtually meet Lockheed Martin experts and discuss their career paths and deep space exploration experiences.  Even more, kids will see the Orion crew module and meet the test lab team preparing for the mission to Mars, will meet the design engineers behind the world’s largest 3D printer that uses metal and will talk with the “World’s largest robot,” and see what 50′ x 50′ asteroid wall looks like.

Want to learn more? Know kids that would be interested?  Check it out at: www.lockheedmartin.com/generationbeyondinschool.