American Heroes Channel & ABC News Join Forces to Commemorate 15th Anniversary of September 11


Nearly 15 years ago, the American people were glued to their TVs as one of the worst tragedies in U.S. history unfolded before their eyes. September 11, 2001 began as any normal day, but quickly evolved into a catastrophic series of events that changed the course of history forever.

American Heroes Channel (AHC) and ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions have teamed up to revisit the events of that day through two commemorative specials to air on AHC: ‘9/11: As We Watched’ premieres tonight, September 6 at 10/9c and ‘Capturing Bin Laden’ will premiere tomorrow, September 7 at 10/9c.

‘9/11: As We Watched’ recounts the story of that day through the unflinching eye of ABC News, as the legendary Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulus, and dozens of other journalists rushed to the scene of chaos, ultimately delivering an unprecedented 83 hours of live coverage. Together, their live coverage, first-hand accounts and in-depth interviews provided American people with an honest and updated look at the events that shook the nation.

‘Capturing Bin Laden’ tracks the rise and fall of the man who spent the decade following the 9/11 attacks at the top of America’s ‘Most Wanted’ list. Drawing on extensive archives from ABC News’ in-depth and award-winning reporting on the emergence of Osama bin Laden, this all-new special chronicles his rise—from a shadowy figure financing international terrorist attacks, to the intelligence that identified him as the 9/11 mastermind—and fall, culminating with SEAL Team Six’s heroic and harrowing confrontation with at a safe-house in Pakistan that ended the 10 year cat-and mouse game to capture the world’s most deadly terrorist.

As we prepare to honor the 15th anniversary of 9/11, this two-night special will give audiences new insights and perspectives, helping to tell this story so that we never forget.