Discovery Announces ‘Project C.A.T.: Conserving Acres For Tigers’


Last week, Discovery announced Project C.A.T., a partnership with World Wildlife Fund to fund and conserve nearly 1 million acres of protected land across India and Bhutan to help protect wild tigers. A century ago 100,000 tigers roamed the wild, but habitat destruction and poaching has reduced the number to just 4,000 today.

“The global movement to protect tigers just got one million acres stronger,” said Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav, who spoke about the new initiative at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit last week during a panel sessions with Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell.

Discovery will also aid WWF’s ambitious goal to double the number of tigers in the wild globally by 2022.

Discovery also participated in a Facebook LIVE event in support of Project C.A.T. from Jane Goodall’s Facebook page at the Vanity Fair Summit, where Discovery Channel’s own John Hoffman announced a new tiger documentary set to air across Discovery’s global networks in 2018.

As a purpose-driven company, Discovery is committed to taking bold steps to protect endangered species. For more information on Project C.A.T., visit or follow @DiscoveryComm on Twitter to join the conversation using #DiscoveryProjectCAT and #ProtectTigers.