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NEW YORK – November 5, 2018 Burgers, Brew & ‘Que returns with an all-new season this month as Michael Symon continues his country-wide tour for the best BBQ out there Tuesdays at 9pmET/6pmPT. Alton Brown continues to remix and reload classic episodes on Good Eats: Reloaded Mondays at 9pmET/6pmPT. On Fridays at 10pmET/7pmPT Brenda Nibley and Alisha Nuttal create magnificent cookie creations perfect for the holidays on new episodes of Holiday Cookie Builds, followed on Friday, December 21st at 10pmET/7pmPT by Extreme Cake Makers, which is serving up beautiful holiday cakes that will be sure to impress. Also catch new episodes of Food: Fact or Fiction?, Iron Chef, Late Nite Eats and Man Fire Food. CookingChannelTV.com is here to help you this holiday season with recipes and entertaining tips. Join the Cooking Channel conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Burgers, Brew & ‘Que

  • Premiering Tuesday, December 4th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Triple Meat Trifecta”

In Newport, Rhode Island, Michael Symon dives into a triple meat-stacked sandwich with smoked pork belly, bologna and chicken liver pate. A decadent, ultra-crispy and deep-fried soft-shell crab patty in San Francisco will change the way you look at burgers, and jumbo, spicy, fried chicken wings zing with a fiery green Szechuan peppercorn sauce in Seattle.

  • Premiering Tuesday, December 11th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Symon’s Cleveland ‘Que”

Michael Symon starts in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, at his very own restaurant where he enjoys a tender, juicy and hulking pastrami beef rib and gets a special look at his grandfather’s recipe for scratch-made spaetzle and spicy sauerkraut. Then, in Pittsburgh, he hits a food truck that serves up a beer-marinated, oven-roasted pork loin sandwich. Finally, in Buffalo, chicken and waffles gets a burger makeover with a spicy maple-bourbon glaze and waffle buns.

  • Premiering Tuesday, December 18th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Build Your Own Burger”

Michael Symon starts at the ultimate custom burger bar in Providence, Rhode Island, where he chooses from over 400,000 topping combinations to create his own meaty masterpiece. Next, he hits a modern Filipino diner that’s braising and frying succulent pork belly to make the juiciest pork buns in Columbus, Ohio. Finally, in Buffalo, Michael enjoys a roasted onion stuffed with smoked pork and brisket — a true northern take on classic southern ‘que.

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Extreme Cake Makers

  • Premiering Friday, December 21st at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Let Them Eat (Holiday) Cake!” HOLIDAY EPISODE!

As Ben artfully brings a reindeer to life, Phil and Christine master the details of their intricately designed cake presents. Eloise celebrates the city with a cake full of local landmarks, and Molly creates a fairy-tale ending with her gingerbread house masterpiece.

  • Premiering Friday, December 28th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Prince of Cakes”

Prince Charles gives his royal approval to Phil and Christine’s cakes. While Eloise challenges herself with a cake of gigantic proportions, Molly shows Manchester United pride in her latest cake creation. Rosie creates a life-size, edible Prince Charming.

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Food: Fact or Fiction?

  • Premiering Thursday, December 6th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Santa’s Sweet Tooth” HOLIDAY EPISODE!

Even Santa eventually succumbs to his sweet tooth after a long night at work! Host Michael McKean takes us on a satisfying sleigh ride to find out if Yule log cakes can keep evil at bay, if panettone was actually created by a Tony and if sugarplums may only exist in our dreams. Whether you’ve been good or not, we’re all about to receive some pretty sweet gifts!

  • Premiering Thursday, December 13th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Gadgets and Gizmos”

Michael McKean has gadgets and gizmos a’plenty, and he’s ready to show them all off! Discover how waffle irons were once incredible artists and the stand mixer almost went overboard, and find out why refrigerators would have been left out in the cold if it wasn’t for good ole’ beer.

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Good Eats: Reloaded

  • Premiering Monday, December 3rd at 9pmET/6pmPT – “A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: The Reload”

Alton Brown “reloads” this classic episode with a surprising new cheeseburger procedure and the “lost” ground meat dish the food censors nixed back in ’99.

  • Premiering Monday, December 10th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Fry Hard II: The Reload”

Alton Brown “reloads” his classic fried chicken episode with an all-new deep-fried recipe, an introduction to sumac and a look at the science of crunch.

  • Premiering Monday, December 17th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Art of Darkness II: The Reload”

Alton Brown “reloads” his classic cocoa powder show with three updated dishes including a new twist on brownies, an introduction to black cardamom and a scientific road race.

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Holiday Cookie Builds

  • Premiering Friday, December 7th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “A Christmas Carol Creation”

Hale Centre Theatre in Salt Lake City is launching its 34th season of A Christmas Carol, and Brenda Nibley and Alisha Nuttal are asked to create their grandest and most theatrical cookie build ever to mark the occasion. Then members of the community request a special build to thank their local firehouse for the crew’s tireless dedication and commitment.

  • Premiering Friday, December 14th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Countdown to Cookie” – SEASON FINALE!

Brenda Nibley‘s hairstylist is throwing a customer appreciation party and wants to ring in the New Year with a bang in cookie form, so Brenda Nibley and Alisha Nuttall use a drone to help them design an incredible shortbread replica of the famous City County Clock Tower and its Romanesque architecture. Then, they create a replica of an English cottage-style home as the centerpiece for a holiday brunch.

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Iron Chef

  • Premiering Saturday, December 1st at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Battle Pacific Cod”

Iron Chef and defender of Chinese cuisine Yuji Wakiya has quite a challenge on his hands. His predecessor — Iron Chef Sakai — has orchestrated a battle with Toshiyuki Kudo in what promises to be an iconic competition.

  • Premiering Saturday, December 8th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Battle Spiny Lobster”

Iron Chef Yoske Suga — defender of French cuisine — takes on Iron Chef Thailand’s Ian Kittichai. The two talented chefs face off in a Culinary World Cup that features spiny lobster.

  • Premiering Saturday, December 15th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Battle Apple”

Iron Chef Yuji Wakiya – defender of Chinese cuisine – takes on Iron Chef America legend Masaharu Morimoto. This Culinary World Cup battle features apples!

  • Premiering Saturday, December 22nd at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Battle Yellowtail”

Two accomplished chefs face off in an epic battle featuring yellowtail. In this Culinary World Cup, Iron Chef Jun Kurogi — defender of Japanese cuisine — takes on original Iron Chef Japan Rokusaburo Michiba in a battle to see whose cuisine reigns supreme.

  • Premiering Saturday, December 29th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Battle Tofu”

Iron Chef Yosuke Suga — defender of French cuisine — takes on homegrown family restaurant chef Hayato Nakano. The two competitors face off in an epic battle that involves tofu!

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Late Nite Eats

  • Premiering Thursday, December 6th at 11pmET/8pmPT – “Milwaukee”

Jordan Andino is in Milwaukee to sample the city’s cheesiest offerings. First up, he heads downtown for a beer cheese-laden Wisco Burger at Oak Barrel Public House. Then he’s off to wine bar Balzac for a cheesy spin on a classic dessert. For his last stop, Jordan visits The Vanguard in Bayview for the best sausages in the city and, of course, some more cheese.

  • Premiering Thursday, December 13th at 11pmET/8pmPT – “Philadelphia”

Jordan Andino starts his night in Philadelphia at the Taproom on 19th, learning the secrets behind the city’s most popular wings. For dinner, he’s off to Lloyd Whiskey Bar in Fishtown, where he tries meatloaf unlike any Mom ever made. Jordan caps off his visit to Philly with a Mexican-style, brownie-laden sundae at La Calaca Feliz.

  • Premiering Thursday, December 20th at 11pmET/8pmPT – “San Antonio”

Jordan Andino is checking out the food scene after dark in San Antonio, where his first stop is The Hoppy Monk for rabbit barbacoa tacos. Then he heads to Cullum’s Attagirl, an authentic chicken shack dishing out Texas-style fried chicken with plenty of inventive twists. Finally, Jordan finds a deliciously sweet dessert at Toro Kitchen and Bar.

  • Premiering Thursday, December 27th at 11pmET/8pmPT – “Toronto”

Jordan Andino is checking out the late night food scene in Toronto, and his first stop is Poor Romeo, which serves up Tex-Mex eats with rock ‘n’ roll style. Then he’s off to Koi Sake Bar for a Japanese salmon dish that’s a great way to end any night. On his way home, Jordan can’t resist a sweet slice of the islands at Laylow Brewery, where Young Animal makes dessert with Trinidadian flair.

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Man Fire Food

  • Premiering Wednesday, December 5th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Meat Masters”

Roger Mooking meets two barbecue brainiacs who have mastered the art of marrying heat and meat to turn out top-notch barbecue. Pitmaster Christopher Prieto teaches students the science of smoking and seasoning meats at Prime Barbecue in Knightdale, North Carolina. Roger helps Prieto season a whole hog with Puerto Rican flavors, and then they smoke it in a North Carolina-style pit using coals made from pecan, hickory and cherry woods. In Glen Allen, Virginia, Roger meets Tuffy Stone, a classically trained French chef, cookbook author, champion pitmaster and the owner of local barbecue chain Q Barbeque. When Tuffy’s not tinkering in the kitchen, he’s busy building rigs from scratch, and Roger helps fire up his latest contraption with hickory coals and then hang whole spiced and buttered chickens.

  • Premiering Wednesday, December 12th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Getting Piggy With It”

Roger Mooking goes hog-wild at two legendary barbecue restaurants located in America’s Barbecue Belt. At A&R Bar-B-Que in Memphis, Roger helps owner Andrew Pillard load racks of St. Louis-style ribs into custom wood-fired pits. Andrew also shows Roger how to make Barbecue Spaghetti, a dish created in Memphis in the 1950s. In Lexington, North Carolina, Roger visits Bar-B-Q Center, a local institution famous for its chopped pork sandwiches and massive ice cream sundaes. Roger and co-owner Cecil Conrad fire up big brick pits with oak and hickory wood and then load salted pork shoulders to cook low and slow for ten hours before they’re chopped and piled onto soft buns. And no trip to Bar-B-Q Center is complete without their famous banana split that weighs a whopping four pounds!

  • Premiering Wednesday, December 19th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Fire and Family”

Roger Mooking heads to the South to visit two family-run barbecue joints that have been passing down recipes and rigs for generations. At Smokin’ Joe’s Bar-B-Que in Townsend, Tennessee, pitmaster Zack Peabody honed his barbecue chops under the watchful eye of his grandfather, Joe Higgins. Zack and Joe built a smoker that can cook up to 1,000 pounds of meat, and Roger and Zack arrange briskets and pork butts on its shelves. At Shack in the Back BBQ in Fairdale, Kentucky, Mike and Barbara Sivells converted an old log cabin into a barbecue restaurant. Roger and Mike load pork shoulders and turkey ribs into the smoker to create two popular dishes: The Hump and Turkey Ribs.

  • Premiering Wednesday, December 26th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Meat in Full Swing”

Roger Mooking meets up with a few culinary titans in Tennessee who are swinging for the fences with outrageous rigs. At Wedge Oak Farm in Lebanon, Tennessee, he joins Chef Trey Cioccia, owner of Nashville’s Black Rabbit, to set up the Burn Tower. On this unique rig, meat, fish and vegetables are hung at varying heights around a metal cylinder filled with hot coals. In Nashville, Roger hangs with James Peisker and Chris Carter, the owners of Porter Road Butcher. Chris shows Roger an old swing set that he transformed into a cooking contraption, and they hang meaty rib roasts and fill a basket with chorizo and kielbasa.

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