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NEW YORK – December 21, 2018 – Cooking Channel is rolling out all-new episodes of Food Truck Nation this February, featuring host Brad Miller traveling across the country to find the latest and greatest bites on wheels premiering Tuesdays at 9pmET/6pmPT. On Thursdays at 10pmET/7pmPT join Michael McKean as he searches for the truth in Food: Fact or Fiction? and on Fridays at 11pmET/8pmPT, go behind the scenes of the country’s most extravagant bakeries on Crazy Cakes. Also, in February, catch new episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Delicious Destinations, Food Paradise, Man’s Greatest Food and Man v. Food. CookingChannelTV.com is ready to help with game day bites and Valentine’s Day treats with recipes, cooking tips and more. Join the Cooking Channel conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Best Thing I Ever Ate

  • Premiering Monday, February 4th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Best Meal Deal”

You don’t have to sacrifice incredible food experiences in order to save a buck! Antonia Lofaso keeps her wallet full with irresistible Mexican munchies in Venice Beach, California, Duff Goldman saves a ton as he takes on the enormous Orca Platter in Washington, D.C., and Ali Khan gets incredible bang for his buck with a one-of-a-kind meal in Des Moines, Iowa, that you have to see to believe. Also catch recommendations from Justin BrunsonMonti CarloJonathon Sawyer and

Jernard Wells.

  • Premiering Monday, February 11th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Chocolate Bliss”

When it comes to chocolate, the possibilities for sweet treats are endless. On the ultimate list of the best chocolate treats in America, Ali Khan devours an unbelievable Dark Truffle Cake from San Antonio, Texas, and Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski indulge in an explosion of different chocolates in one luscious dessert in New York City. Finally, Scott Conant travels to Sin City to bet on a chocolate mashup that’s crazy delicious. Also catch recommendations from Justin BrunsonMonti Carlo, Tregaye Fraser and Kristen Kish.

  • Premiering Monday, February 18th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “The Hole Truth”

We’re paying respects to a treat that is universally loved and has stood the test of time — the doughnut! Alton Brown takes us on a trip to Memphis to honor the original glazed doughnut that started it all. Alex Guarnaschelli goes weak in the knees for an apple doughnut from New York City. And we can’t contain our taste buds as Scott Conant shows off all the tropical flavors of a coconut cream-filled delight. Also catch recommendations from Ali Khan, Brandi Milloy, Jamika Pessoa and  Jernard Wells.

  • Premiering Monday, February 25th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “The Upper Crust”

The best part of any dish is what holds it all together — the crust! Chef Beau MacMillan’s favorite pot pie in Phoenix, Arizona, takes on Duff Goldman’s seafood pie pick in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Next, Jason Smith’s favorite picture-perfect pork tenderloin boasts a clever crust that is sure to turn some heads. Also catch recommendations from Tregaye Fraser, Pati Jinich, Stuart O’Keeffe and Courtney Rada.

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Crazy Cakes

  • Premiering Friday, February 1st at 11pmET/8pmPT– “Massive Mega Cakes”

A bride is speechless when her wedding cake starts to build on itself and then a mystical beast comes to life, complete with massive wings and sharp talons. A topsy-turvy gumbo cake has the Louisiana favorite spilling out of bowls, and an intricately detailed pirate ship cake is attacked by a tasty kraken.

  • Premiering Friday, February 8st at 11pmET/8pmPT– “Oversized Underwater Cakes”

Teachers are over the moon for a spaceship cake filled with cinnamon apples, and an oversized pizza cake can barely fit into the restaurant for delivery. An underwater creature comes to life for a third birthday party, and then a bride is blown away by the life-size cake at her bridal shower.

  • Premiering Friday, February 15th at 11pmET/8pmPT– “Realistic Animal Cakes”

An unusual animal race has one baker building a cake like no other, and filigree details make a Chinese New Year celebration cake even more spectacular. Dinner guests are fooled when dessert comes early, plus a baker in Texas builds a treat that’s so realistic it’s hard to tell it’s cake.

  • Premiering Friday, February 22nd at 11pmET/8pmPT– “Waterfall and Wonder Wheel Cakes”

Volunteers are surprised by a yin-and-yang-inspired sweet treat and a bride is overwhelmed with joy when her wedding cake gets its own water feature. Then, one baker goes over the top with a cake design that’s big enough for someone to hide inside and a Coney Island celebration gets a sculpted masterpiece featuring the attraction’s most iconic ride.

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Delicious Destinations

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 6th at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Memphis”

Host Andrew Zimmern uncovers the edible icons of Memphis from BBQ ribs to the Elvis sandwich.

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 13th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Philadelphia”

From iconic cheese steaks to stromboli, Andrew Zimmern uncovers Philladelphia’s famous edibles.

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 20th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Twin Cities”

Walleye, Bundt cake and the Jucy Lucy are on tap for Andrew Zimmern in the Twin Cities.

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 27th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Providence”

Andrew Zimmern reveals the iconic foods of Providence including hot wieners made with a special meat sauce, Johnny cakes, coffee milk, grilled pizza and the legendary Rhode Island clam chowder.

Food Paradise

  • Premiering Sunday, February 3rd at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Italian Eats”

Count down the eight great places to get authentic Italian food in America. From fresh ingredients to innovative twists on classic dishes, everything these Italian joints serve up is “delizioso”!

  • Premiering Sunday, February 10th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Pork Paradise”

Pig out on America’s most porktastic eats, including a good-old Virginia country ham, a crispy tenderloin sandwich in Indiana, and slow cooked Hawaiian whole hog.

  • Premiering Sunday, February 17th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Meatball Paradise”

Rolling out hearty helpings of mouthwatering meatball dishes, from cheese-smothered meatball parm perfection in Philadelphia, to burly balls of Texas brisket, to a one-pound wonderball in Las Vegas.

  • Premiering Sunday, February 24th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Gulf Grubbin'”

Tropical tranquility meets Southern hospitality on a food-fueled getaway all along the Gulf Coast. The coastal eats include grilled Gulf shrimp tacos, beignet sundaes, monster burritos, bacon-loaded burgers and gator Creole.

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Food: Fact or Fiction?

  • Premiering Thursday, February 7th at 10pmET/7pmPT– “War and Peace”

Michael McKean gets caught in the middle of some culinary conflicts as he uncovers some very delicious details. He solves the Cuban Missile Crisis with chop suey, runs the redcoats out with cornbread and keeps the peace with a little kimchi. No matter which side you stand on, these are all dishes worth fighting for!

  • Premiering Thursday, February 14th at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Play with Your Food”

Michael McKean turns our plates into a playground as he finds out the stories behind some famously fun foods! He’ll spell out a solution to the Great Depression using alphabet soup, keep the doctor away with gummy bears and find out how the bento box ditched its suit and tie for the sandbox.

  • Premiering Thursday, February 21st at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Bon Appetit”

Michael McKean is all berets and baguettes as he digs into a few of France’s most fantastic feasts. He crosses the pond to see if crepes could nearly kill a king, if coq au vin was once quite colloquial and if the curve in croissants can slow our roll!

  • Premiering Thursday, February 28th at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Tea Time”

Michael McKean has his pinkie out because it’s tea time! He’s discovering espionage may have bagged us English breakfast, the egg salad sandwich has some complicated chemistry and that matcha tea may be pulling a fast one.

Online, play food trivia and find out the truth behind popular food urban legends like the 5-second rule and more. Join the conversation with #FoodFactorFiction.

Food Truck Nation Premieres Tuesdays at 9pmET/6pmPT

Chef and food truck aficionado Brad Miller travels across the country to find the latest and greatest bites on wheels. He highlights the innovative chefs who push the boundaries of food and their customers’ curious palates.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 5th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Crepes, Curry and Hot Dogs”

Brad Miller travels to Los Angeles, CA to visit the Black Flour Crepe truck,  winning over Californians with an authentic taste of France, one buttery crepe at a time! Then he heads to North Carolina, to hop aboard the Curry in a Hurry Truck for Indian street food such as Chicken Tikka Kati Roll. Lastly, he visits The Merry Franksters, a larger than life Hot Dog Cart, putting a delicious spin on this American favorite by making their own homemade hot dogs.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 12th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Meatballs, Paella and Pho”

Brad Miller visits Barone meatball truck in Raleigh, North Carolina, where crowds are going wild for their meatball creations. Next, he heads to Lakewood, CA to board the buzzworthy Got Paella truck, then takes a ride on a Los Angeles truck taking Pho to new heights.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 19th at 9pmET/6pmPT- “Fish Tacos, Mofongo and Shawarma”

Brad Miller heads to Malibu, CA to find the Shrimp Vs. Chef food truck, serving up best sellers like the Baja Shrimp Taco. Next, he travels to Durham NC for Soom Soom Pita truck, where he tries freshly baked hot pita pockets filled with chicken Shawarma. Lastly, Brad travels to Los Angeles to the Triple Threat Truck, an instant hit among locals for it’s one of a kind homestyle Puerto Rican specialties.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 26th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Smoked, Stuffed and Frozen Finds”

Brad Miller visits an Orange County food truck with a custom smoker on board. Then he heads to Austin, Texas, to try classic Cajun dishes with a twist. Finally, in Los Angeles, he discovers an ice cream truck without a freezer.

Online, get recipes for the tastiest, messiest and most-irresistible street food in the country. Join the conversation with #FoodTruckNation.

Man’s Greatest Food

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 6th at 9pmET/6pmPT– “Grilled”

Roger Mooking showcases 12 of the best grilled dishes in restaurants across America. He’s hanging out in the kitchens of fire-loving chefs to learn everything there is to know about applying heat and smoke for the tastiest chicken, beef, alligator, lobster and more. Together, they’ll prepare the flame, season the food and reveal all the secrets for the best grilled foods in the country.

  • Premiering Wednesday, February 13th at 9pmET/6pmPT – “Island Eats”

Roger Mooking searches the country for the 12 best island eats from lobster, conch and shellfish to low-country boils and key lime pies. He’s joining chefs in their breezy kitchens to learn everything about putting the country’s freshest and most amazing island treats together.

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Man v. Food

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 5th at 10pmET/7pmPT– “Nashville, TN”

Casey Webb’s mouthwatering mission brings him to Tennessee, where he faces his hottest challenge yet — three jumbo chicken tenders smothered in a Carolina Reaper-infused sauce.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 12th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Minneapolis, MN”

Casey Webb travels to Minnesota’s largest city, where he tries a legendary burger that’s become a regional icon, noshes on a gigantic brunch meal served with its own food Ferris wheel and takes on a massive four-pound banh mi behemoth.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 19th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Worcester, MA”

Casey Webb lands in Worcester, MA, where he slurps down some radical ramen, indulges in peanut butter cup French toast and takes on a rack of deep-fried ribs with the heat of a million Scoville units.

  • Premiering Tuesday, February 26th at 10pmET/7pmPT – “Baltimore, MD”

Casey Webb’s epic eating expedition brings him to Baltimore for an out-of-this-world diner, a classic crab feast and a four-pound pho fight.

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