Detective Rod Demery Profiles How ‘Murder Chose Me’ in Powerful New Investigation Discovery Series


America’s Leading True-Crime Network Airs Sneak Peek Marathon on Sunday, January 1 from 3-11 PM EST

(Silver Spring, Md.) – For Investigation Discovery (ID) fans, New Year’s Day is about to rival the thrill of smooching someone special at midnight… if you get butterflies at the thought of cozying up with America’s leading true-crime network. Settle in on January 1st for ID’s inaugural PREMIERE NEW YEAR programming marathon, a day-long love letter to loyal viewers featuring sneak peek premieres of five of ID’s most anticipated series of 2017. With no shortage of heart-breaking mysteries, in-depth investigations, and dogged detectives to profile, PREMIERE NEW YEAR airs Sunday, January 1 from 3-11 PM EST on ID.

“ID has been an unstoppable force in true-crime programming even before the recent explosion of interest in this uniquely fascinating genre,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and American Heroes Channel. “There is simply no better way to reward our loyal fans and to welcome new viewers to the network on New Year’s Day than to provide them with this marathon of the carefully curated killer content they can look forward to on ID in 2017!”

PREMIERE NEW YEAR is anchored by the primetime sneak peek of ID’s all-new series MURDER CHOSE ME, reflecting on the remarkable career of retired Shreveport homicide detective Rod Demery, who was destined for a life with the badge after his own mother was murdered. The marathon also includes THE DETECTIVES CLUB: NEW ORLEANS, profiling a group of Big Easy detectives sharing their most haunting cases; MURDER CALLS, featuring real audio of harrowing 911 calls that detectives must decipher in order to uncover the truth; WHO KILLED JANE DOE?, which weaves together the parallel experiences of a detective puzzling out the identity of a Jane Doe, and the family searching for their missing loved one; and I, WITNESS, revisiting murder investigations through the lens of those at the emotional and dramatic center of the case. The day kicks off with an all-new episode from the ongoing season of HOMICIDE HUNTER: LT. JOE KENDA, and the night ends with a new episode of ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN and the season 2 premiere of hit series EVIL LIVES HERE. 

The full New Year’s Day lineup is as follows:


All-New Episode at 3/2c  //  Current Season Continues Wednesdays at 10/9c

A murder will change the life of a victim, their families, and the convicted killer… but what about the investigator? Lt. Joe Kenda, a veteran of Colorado’s homicide investigation unit with one of the highest case closure rates in the country, reveals chilling memories of murders that still haunt him.


Sneak Peeks at 4/3c  //  Series Premieres Thursday, January 19 at 10/9c

A group of New Orleans homicide detectives gather regularly in private to tell stories of their most difficult, high profile, and emotional homicide cases. See how these hardened Big Easy investigators did whatever it took to deliver justice for some of the worst crimes in New Orleans’ recent past.


Sneak Peeks at 5/4c  //  Series Premieres Sunday, January 15 at 11/10c

With harrowing, real-life 911 calls as both its launching point and its through-line, Murder Calls takes true-crime storytelling to new heights of intensity. Each episode follows a criminal investigation in which detectives must decipher the contents and subtext of a 911 call to uncover the truth.


Sneak Peeks at 6/5c  //  Series Premieres Tuesday, February 28 at 10/9c

Behind the discovery of every Jane Doe are two parallel stories: that of the detectives puzzling out her identity and how she died, and that of her family who know very well who she is but have lost her, now forever. By weaving the two stories together, Who Killed Jane Doe? Embarks on a unique journey of discovery, loss, mystery and resolution.


Sneak Peeks at 7/6c  //  Series Premieres Wednesday, January 4 at 9/8c

Each episode of I, Witness revisits an engrossing murder investigation through the eyes of someone at the emotional and dramatic center of the case – the heartbroken sister, the restless detective, the dogged reporter. Their perspectives are utterly unique, and the story they tell isn’t the one you might expect.


Sneak Peeks at 8/7c  //  Series Premieres Wednesday, February 15 at 10/9c

Retired Shreveport homicide detective Rod Demery reflects on the career he was destined for since the age of 3, when his own mother was murdered. Vowing to ensure that no family would be denied justice the way his

family was, Demery served 14 years as a detective in the violent crimes unit, with an unprecedented 100% confession and solve rate as lead investigator. Intimate first-person storytelling meets a gritty Southern backdrop in Shreveport, La.


All-New Episode at 9/8c

On The Case goes beyond the headlines in search of fascinating mysteries from within our nation’s justice system. Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn weaves together the twists and turns of these cases in order to reveal the heart of the story. 


Season 2 Premieres at 10/9c

What if the person closest to you was a devil in disguise—would you see the signs? Evil Lives Here explores true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who later became a killer, with exclusive interviews and never-before-told accounts from the years and critical moments of their lives. 

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