(Silver Spring, MD) —With only 15 percent of homicide detectives in the U.S. being women, the working lives of female detectives are not as well documented as those of their male counterparts. INSIDE HOMICIDE takes a ride along with three female homicide detectives who work in the Cincinnati and Atlanta areas, conveying the high intensity of working the homicide unit in real-time. With dogged determination, Detectives Summer Benton, Jenny Luke and Jennifer Mitsch work relentlessly to bring closure to victims’ families. From the actual 911 call to on-site questioning with witnesses and even real interrogation footage with suspects, viewers dive into the raw and gritty action that’s part of these women’s everyday lives. The eight-part series INSIDE HOMICIDE will premiere beginning Thursday, October 9 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

In the one-hour premiere episode, frantic Victoria Rickman calls 911 and reports that she has been sexually assaulted and has shot her attacker, William Carter, in an act of self-defense. Once Atlanta’s Detective Benton begins her investigation, she quickly finds out there may be much more to this story, including thevictim’s history with the man she just killed.

INSIDE HOMICIDE follows the below three female detectives:

Summer Benton has been with the Atlanta Police Department for 13 years and with Homicide for five years. Inspired to become a police officer by her father, a former white-collar crime detective, Summer works hard to do her family legacy proud. In her short time on the job, she’s solved 30 cases. In her investigations, Summer utilizes her nurturing personality and ability to connect with people of all backgrounds, which has earned her the role of Hostage Negotiator for the City of Atlanta.

In Jenny Luke’s 20 years on the force, and 13 years in the Homicide Unit, she has solved 76 cases for the city of Cincinnati, earning the trust and respect of her unit, peers and the admiration of her two sons. Prior to joining the Homicide Unit, Jenny posed undercover in vice for several years, taking on various roles to gain knowledge from the inside. This firsthand exposure to the grit of Cincinnati has provided her with a sharpened focus in her current role, enabling her to speak to suspects on their level, as she works to help convince the guilty to come clean. Jenny is newly married to a fireman, and works hard to balance her personal and professional life.

Jennifer Mitsch has been a member of the Cincinnati Police Department for the last 16 years, and part of the Homicide Unit for eight years. She’s a wife and a mother of two young children, and fortunately for her, her husband understands the demands of the job, being a police officer himself. Jennifer is known for her calm demeanor and cool analytical approach when working through these cases, attacking problems with methodical patience. Since on the job, she has solved 55 cases. Jennifer is also a ‘Big Sister’ mentor, volunteers training search dogs and just received her graduate degree.


INSIDE HOMICIDE is produced by Screaming Flea Productions


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