Investigation Discovery Presents the World Premiere of ‘Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence’ Narrated by Martin Sheen

Defendant O.J. Simpson (C) cheers while standing with his attorneys F. Lee Bailey (L) and Johnnie Cochan Jr (R), after hearing the not guilty verdict in his crimininal murder trial, Los Angeles, California, October 3, 1995. Simpson was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. (Photo by Agence France Presse/Getty Images)

–Six-Part Docu-Series Airs for Three Consecutive Nights Beginning Sunday, January 15 at 9/8c–

–Interactive After-Show Hosted by Journalist and Cultural Critic Touré Features Panel of Experts Following Each Episode on IDGO–

(Silver Spring, Md.) – It was the trial that defined a generation. This January, Investigation Discovery (ID) in association with Objective Media Group challenges everything you think you know about the trial of O.J. Simpson in a riveting new six-part docu-series IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE. Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor and activist Martin Sheen, and featuring exclusive new interviews with the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, the series follows investigators as they re-open the case that captivated the world, exposing the facts that were overlooked by authorities and questioning and dissecting each pivotal move in the original investigation. From the infamous Bronco chase to updated forensics and DNA data to the examination of a potential murder weapon, each hour-long episode explores new possibilities and theories about what might have really happened on that fateful summer evening more than 20 years ago. IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE, the world premiere three night event, kicks off on ID on Sunday, January 15 with back-to-back premieres starting at 9/8c. Following the U.S. premiere, IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE will roll out in more than 130 countries and territories on Investigation Discovery and other Discovery networks, beginning in Denmark and Sweden on Sunday, January 22.

“The prosecution of O.J. Simpson is interwoven into the fundamental cultural fabric that defines the 20th century, representing a watershed moment in our nation’s system of justice. Therefore, it may be hard for many of us to accept new theories that challenge common beliefs and perceptions held in this country,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “Indeed, it is imperative to remember, however, that no one has ever been convicted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in a court of criminal law – and, accordingly, with unprecedented access and evidence never before investigated, we offer, today, a new take on the case everyone thought they knew.”

IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE follows LAPD forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie and Rhode Island police sergeant Derrick Levasseur as they join forces with Dallas-based private investigator William C. Dear, who has devoted 21 years of his life to gathering critical new evidence about who may be behind this crime. They scrutinize the O.J. Simpson case from beginning to end, revealing compelling new information and investigating new theories in the murders of Simpson and Goldman.

The team re-examines several integral pieces of content from the original investigation, including canvassing the infamous Bronco and recreating the blood spatter from the murder scene. IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE features interviews with Dr. Henry Lee, a forensic scientist who reviewed evidence at the crime scene, as well as other key players who have devoted their lives to seeing that justice be served, including Kato Kaelin, a key witness in the trial. The series also features a never-before-seen interview with a potential eyewitness to the crime. After taking viewers through the new theories, the team sits down for an intimate conversation with the victims’ families, including exclusive interviews with Fred Goldman and Tanya Brown, to hear their take on where things stand today.

Audiences are invited to continue the conversation with after show O.J. After The Evidence available to stream via IDGO, OnDemand, and on ID’s Facebook. This digital interactive series, also produced by Objective Media, is hosted by journalist and cultural critic Touré, joined by a cast of expert panelists including legal analyst Eboni Williams (Fox News, “Crimewatch Daily with Chris Hansen”), Georgia Hardstark (co-creator and host of “My Favorite Murder” podcast), forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie, Rhode Island Police Sgt. Derrick Levasseur and special guest: America’s favorite house guest, Kato Kaelin. Through the lens of race, culture and the American legal system, the panel will discuss the bombshells revealed in each episode, take a closer look at new evidence and address alternate theories that have kept people buzzing for decades about the trial of the century. 

Full episode descriptions for IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE include:

NEW EVIDENCE: Premieres Sunday, January 15 at 9/8c

The team of investigators re-examines the iconic O.J. Simpson trial to explore the highly debated jury verdict finding O.J. not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The team inspects a knife that could be the murder weapon, and sits down with family members Fred Goldman and Tanya Brown to get their personal insights into what they believe happened that fateful day.

FOLLOW THE BLOOD: Premieres Sunday, January 15 at 10/9c

After examining evidence both old and new, the team questions O.J.’s role in the crimes. Was he involved in these murders… or was another person was responsible? Dr. Henry Lee, a forensics expert from the original investigation, discusses the confounding details and problems with the preliminary evidence collection from the crime scene, and what impact that may have had on the trial.

PERSON OF INTEREST: Premieres Monday, January 16 at 9/8c

Dallas-based private investigator Bill Dear has collected evidence for the past 21 years suggesting a new possibility in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  The team sits down with Dear to take a closer look at this ‘person of interest’ and his checkered past.

ABOUT THE ALIBI: Premieres Monday, January 16 at 10/9c

LAPD forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie, and Rhode Island police sergeant Derrick Levasseur raise questions about the validity of the potential person of interest’s alibi from the night of the murders – was the truth being told? And if not, did this individual play a role in committing the crimes? The team examines bizarre behavior after the murders, and looks closely into his present-day life to gain a greater understanding.

THE CHARLIE THEORY: Premieres Tuesday, January 17 at 9/8c

O.J. Simpson has claimed that “if” he committed the murders, he couldn’t have done it alone. The team asks famed witness Kato Kaelin and other key participants in the original trial for their opinions about whether anyone else could have been involved. Then, a new potential eyewitness comes forward to the team with a shocking revelation that could blow the investigation wide open.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Premieres Tuesday, January 17 at 10/9c

After coming forth with new information about the night of the murder, a possible eyewitness takes a polygraph test, and the DNA results from a potential murder weapon are in.  The team of investigators sits down with Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, and Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, and gets a shocking update. Dr. Kris Mohandie and Sergeant Derrick Levasseur reveal their final conclusions about what they believe really happened to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. 

IS O.J. INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE docu-series and after show is produced for Investigation Discovery and IDGO by Objective Media Group America/All3Media America with Jimmy Fox, Greg Lipstone, Layla Smith and Star Price as executive producers.. William C. Dear is also executive producer.  For Investigation Discovery, Lorna Thomas is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America.


OBJECTIVE MEDIA GROUP is a London based production company founded in 1991 where it has rapidly become one of the UK’s most influential content creators.  OBJECTIVE MEDIA GROUP’S US operation (part of the All3Media America group of companies) is based in Los Angeles and overseen by EVP Jimmy Fox who joined the company in February, 2014. OBJECTIVE currently produces the CNN series “United Shades of America” hosted by W. Kamau Bell, “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor” for CNBC, “Hollywood Darlings” for POP, “It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards” for SPIKE, as well as drama series “The Arrangement” for E!  OBJECTIVE MEDIA GROUP is owned by global production and distribution company ALL3MEDIA.All3Media is owned jointly between Discovery Communications and Liberty Global.


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