Addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow serves as a consultant in the series

(Silver Spring, MD) — Some criminals just can’t help themselves. Investigation Discovery’s (ID) MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDICTION reveals what happens when bizarre compulsions spin out of control and push people into a life of crime. From a lewd subway commuter to a diaper-wearing man, or a urine drinker to a toe sucker, first-hand accounts of these true crime tales plunges viewers into a world where strange addictions took an illegal turn. Dr. Mike Dow, addiction specialist and expert in the fields of relationships, food, and behavior, explains how these unhealthy habits turned to uncontrollable addictions and helps viewers understand the triggers for these compulsive behaviors. With the perpetrators telling their own stories of how they plunged so deep into darkness, some appear on screen or disguised to conceal their identity while others speak to us from their jail cells. With three shocking stories per hour, MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDICTION premieres on Monday, December 1 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

“As a brand expanding series for ID, MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDICTION shows just how a simple compulsion – typically, harmless at first – can cause a person’s life to travel down the rabbit hole into something far more sinister and disturbing,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President. “However, as headline-grabbing as these conditions may be, it’s still very important that our viewers see that people battling these dark addictions deserve our understanding and, indeed, sympathy as they seek rehabilitation.”

In the premiere episode airing Monday, December 1 at 10/9c, Billy Roberts may spend the rest of his life in prison for grinding his pelvis against women in crowded NYC subways. The fetish of ‘pressing up’ against someone for sexual gratification is called frotteurism, and Billy has been arrested a staggering 53 times for his uncontrollable obsession. What makes his story even stranger? Billy has an identical twin that does the same thing. Also in this episode: Debra Farinella loves angels. She has hundreds of them decorating her home. Unfortunately, she has been stealing them from gravesites at the local cemetery, leading to her arrest and more than 150 angels removed from her home. Finally, 61-year old Robert Wells is afraid to grow old. He’ll do almost anything to retain his youth…including drinking the urine of young boys, which he believes is the fountain of youth.

The remaining three episode premieres of MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDICTION are as follows:

Peeping Mom 

Premieres Monday, December 8 at 10/9c 

Laura Laibe is a mother of five children and happily married for 13 years. But in October, 2013, the illusion of domestic bliss was shattered when a SWAT team surrounded her home. She was arrested and charged with 38 counts of video voyeurism for secretly videotaping women in public restrooms to post on a fetish porn web site. Then, in Clackamas, Oregon, 45-year-old Robert White becomes known as the “shoe man” after assaulting at least a dozen women in malls and department stories. His MO? He tricks women into trying on shoes and then licks their inner thighs as he helps them. Finally, 21-year old Alex Davis is a diaper fetishist. But it’s not just clean diapers; he is most aroused by soiled baby diapers, which he steals from neighborhood garbage cans in the dark of night.

Below the Belt 

Premieres Monday, December 15 at 10/9c 

Kimberly Jernigan lives in two worlds—the real world and the cyber reality called Second Life. In Second Life, the mother of two transforms into a cyber-sexy exotic dancer named Sugar. When the line between her two worlds blurs, Kimberly finds herself committing a real-life burglary and attempted kidnapping. Then, Jimmy Gascon’s secret addiction starts with an innocent dare during high school when he strips down and streaks in front of girls. It gives him a rush that he wants to feel again. Over the next two years, Jimmy terrorizes more than a half dozen young women by flashing them, leading to multiple arrests. Finally, Rick Sciara, aka Master Rick, runs his own S&M sex dungeon in the basement of his home, where he trains gay sex slaves. Master Rick loves to be in control, but his lust for power and dominance gets him in trouble when he begins performing illegal castrations on willing men.

Eye of the Beholder 

Premieres Monday, December 22 at 10/9c 

35-year-old Katherine Drouin is not only an anorexic-bulimic, she is also a kleptomaniac. One addiction feeds the other as she has been arrested more than 50 times and exiled from all grocery stores within 20 miles for shoplifting groceries for her daily binge. Then, 46-year-old Joey Leaphart has a severe foot fetish that keeps getting him into trouble. He approaches women in public and cons them into letting him get close to their feet. He then makes a sneak attack and sucks on their toes. Finally, 46-year-old Richard Walker is now serving a 20-year prison sentence after a lifetime of battling his strange compulsion… to masturbate in public places.


Addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow makes regular appearances in the media as a respected expert in the fields of relationships, food, and behavior. Currently, Dr. Mike is the clinical director of therapeutic & behavioral services at The Body Well integrative medical center in Los Angeles. Dr. Mike’s book “Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat” is now available internationally. 

MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDICTION is produced for Investigation Discovery by Indigo Films. For Indigo, David Frank is executive producer and Stacy Waters is supervising producer. For Investigation Discovery, Thomas Cutler is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family Channel, and Discovery Fit & Health.


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