The Only Mystery-and-Suspense Network on Television Producing More Than 700 Hours of Original Content in 2014-15

(New York, NY ) Investigation Discovery, the only network devoted to compelling true stories of mystery and suspense, today announced an unprecedented slate of 11 all-new series and 22 returning hits for the 2014-15 upfront season and a new network tagline, Always Revealing, debuting this week.

Capitalizing on ID’s record-setting first quarter, the network will produce more than 700 hours of original content designed to bring more emotional and intense stories of passion, greed, jealously, revenge, betrayal, heartbreak… and ultimately, justice.

ID enters this upfront as the #4 cable network in the country for total day delivery of W25-54 and the #9 network for P25-54, rising more than 40 ranks in just six years*, making it among the fastest growing in the industry**. The network also boasts the longest length of tune in television – among both cable and broadcast networks – for W25-54 and P25-54 in both total day and primetime, nearly doubling the overall average viewing minutes of all broadcast networks in total day ***.

“Investigation Discovery has become, quite simply, one of the great success stories in cable over the last decade – a niche network in one of the most successful genres in entertainment that has grown into a powerful entertainment destination for women,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President, ID, American Heroes Channel, Destination America and Discovery Fit & Health. “This upfront, we will introduce our passionate audience to one of the largest slates of new programming in any network’s history, along with a new tagline, Always Revealing, which emphasizes the surprising twists and turns – and stunning conclusions – of our true stories.”

Anchored by the prestigious new series VANITY FAIR CONFIDENTIAL, an editorial partnership with the venerable magazine, ID’s diverse original programming slate also includes the mini-series HEARTBREAKERS, featuring ‘80s and ‘90s heartthrobs cast in the bad boy and deadly dreamboat roles they were meant to play; SEE NO EVIL (wt), which uses actual video footage of persons caught on camera and their incredible stories of deceit and deception; and, the larger-than-life series MOMSTERS: WHEN MOMS GO BAD, hosted by America’s favorite over-the-top TV mom, comedienne Roseanne Barr.

Highlights of ID’s returning series include the 10th season of the network’s top show ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN and the second season of the NBC News’ Peacock Productions-produced newsmagazine DEADLINE: CRIME WITH TAMRON HALL. Recent additions TABLOID, hosted by Jerry Springer, SURVIVING EVIL, starring Charisma Carpenter, A CRIME TO REMEMBEROBSESSION: DARK DESIRES and WEB OF LIES will all return for sophomore seasons.

The network will also debut a new season of ID Daytime’s soap strand, hosted by current stars of daytime’s favorite soap operas, who will headline themed weeks of ID content in the afternoon, from Dirty Deeds Week to Poisoned Passions Week.

Investigation Discovery’s new and returning original series include:



Whether we love them or love to hate them, there is something about the rich and powerful that keeps us fascinated. From their rise and fall to their outrageous lies, and even murder, Vanity Fair captures it all and we just can’t turn away. Now, the true stories we have all devoured in Vanity Fair come to television. In each hour-long episode, viewers are treated to a sinful dose of power, wealth, deception and crime.


‘80s and ‘90s heartthrobs portray real-life HEARTBREAKERS in Investigation Discovery’s all-new mini-series. HEARTBREAKERS explores true stories of how the perfect catch turned out to be a perfect nightmare. Directed and written in a style reminiscent of classic primetime soaps, HEARTBREAKERS stars actual Hollywood heartthrobs – from Dynasty to Melrose Place – who portray the dreamboat turned sinking ship. Who better to play the man of her dreams than a man who was once every woman’s dream?


YOUNG, HOT & CROOKED reveals how the most privileged upbringings can lead to the most intricate crimes. Each episode exposes a scandalous crime committed by the most unsuspecting criminal and uncovers what drove them down a crooked path.


Host and comedienne Roseanne Barr uncovers a world where moms will stop at nothing to help their children be the best. From the soccer mom who stalks, threatens and attacks her son’s coach to the theater mom who takes auditions into her own hands, MOMSTERS: WHEN MOMS GO BAD showcases women who are not afraid to cross boundaries and get their hands dirty. 


From the moment a slaying is reported, authorities assemble a “Murder Book” to document details of the investigation, starting from the crime scene and ending with the arrest of the perpetrator. Murder Books and the stories within them have been confidential until now. Investigation Discovery’s MURDER BOOK reopens recently solved cold cases to reveal the chilling details behind the crime. 


Living in a surveillance society, much of our lives are caught on camera – and what turns up on tape is shocking. SEE NO EVIL tells modern mysteries from a new perspective, using real surveillance footage. Each episode features incredible stories where video footage helps to solve a crime.


Nothing is what it seems. For these victims, something or someone evil is lurking in the shadows. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE presents spine-tingling stories and delivers true-crime thrillers in a cinematic style.


LIVING A LIE uncovers the secret lives of seemingly ordinary people. Fathers with second families on the other side of town, moms with criminal private lives, and best friends who have stolen thousands of dollars from those closest to them. These individuals have kept their secrets for far too long.


Everyone remembers a job they’ve hated – from overbearing bosses who yell at their employees, to companies that put their interns on “coffee duty.” But when a boss’ requests go from demanding to bizarre, office gossip blows up in an inter-employee feud. TWISTED TALES OF MY 9 TO 5 tells the stories of typical work days that have turned into horrid tales.


From butlers and bodyguards to chauffeurs and chefs, hired help runs the gamut for America’s wealthy. These helping hands get an exclusive look into the lives of the elite, gaining access to their homes, their families, and their darkest secrets.


DID HE DO IT? puts the accused center stage as viewers are invited to play jury. At the beginning of each hour-long episode, one victim and one defendant are presented to viewers. Piece-by-piece, investigators, defense attorneys, witnesses and even family members reveal crucial details of the investigation, leaving viewers with one question: did he do it?



Profiling fascinating true stories and featuring gripping interviews conducted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn, ON THE CASE is a shining example of ID’s core brand mission to investigate life’s mysteries through riveting storytelling. Zahn’s journalistic expertise and passion for the truth resonate as ON THE CASE unravels shocking investigations that have dominated headlines, and intriguing original stories uncovered exclusively for ID’s audience.


MSNBC Host and NBC News Correspondent/Anchor Tamron Hall knows first-hand the effect of violent crime, as her older sister was a murder victim in a case that is still officially unsolved. In each one-hour episode, Hall is joined by a core team of correspondents with extensive knowledge of law enforcement, to go beyond the headlines and explore not only what happened, but why it happened.


Exploring crimes dating back to when cops had to catch a killer with nothing but a handy fingerprint duster and Rolodex, Investigation Discovery reveals that crimes erupted from the same dark places as today – passion, greed, revenge and jealousy. With elaborate period recreations, A CRIME TO REMEMBER showcases chilling crimes of yesteryear.

WEB OF LIES (Season 2)

In the online world, you never really know who you’re talking to. This series reveals stories of deception –and worse – triggered by online interactions. From black-widow wives hiding behind alter-egos to jilted lovers stalking their exes, each episode follows stories with jaw-dropping twists and turns as the WEB OF LIES is revealed.


When desire overtakes reason, the human mind can unleash deadly obsession. OBSESSION: DARK DESIRES provides a chilling look into the mechanics of an obsessive mind and the devastating impact of delusional fantasy. Women share their emotional stories of survival against obsessive stalkers who would do anything to satisfy their all-consuming infatuation.


SURVIVING EVIL presents real-life stories of victims who fought back against their attackers and, against all odds, survived. The series is hosted by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel alum Charisma Carpenter, who brings personal experience as the survivor of a near-fatal incident. With episodes told in each survivor’s own words, SURVIVING EVIL offers an empowering and inspiring look at true-crime stories in which the victim turns the table on their assailant in order to stay alive.


Sometimes a woman’s dangerous weapon isn’t just her killer eyes but a killer knife. WIVES WITH KNIVES returns for a new season, featuring grisly stories of wives that have committed violent crimes against their husbands or lovers.


Beauty pageants are the ultimate fairytale for many young women, but luscious lips and curvaceous hips spell out danger for the pageant darlings featured on Investigation Discovery’s BEAUTY QUEEN MURDERS. They were all so young, so beautiful, and held so much promise – and they were all killed before their time in the spotlight was up. While they were fixed on winning a title, they caught the attention of not only the judges but a murderer waiting in the wings.

FATAL VOWS (Season 3)

FATAL VOWS explores tumultuous, shocking, and disturbing divorces, and delves into the criminal psychology behind what actually happens when one spouse determines that the only way out is murder. Guiding viewers through these crimes of passion are Dr. Brian Russell, an attorney as well as a forensic and clinical psychologist, and Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert.


Everybody’s got something to hide. Deep down, even you have a DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. From the perfect housewife next door to the beloved community pastor, there are quite a few skeletons rattling around in closets. How far would you go to keep your secret from being spilled?

REDRUM (Season 3) 

When it comes to murder, no detective starts their search at the beginning of the crime. Rather, a murder investigation always begins with the body, after the deed is done. It is up to the police to piece together the story, moving backwards in time until they arrive at the root of the crime. In REDRUM, viewers follow the backward tale of murder from false motives and mistaken witnesses to conversations taken completely out of context, until the truth is finally revealed at the very end.

TABLOID (Season 2)

Guaranteed to satisfy inquiring minds, this series hosted by the Emmy Award-winning king of tabloid television, Jerry Springer, peels back the curtain to probe the most bizarre larger-than-life stories you can’t possibly imagine. Baring all of the twists and turns, and macabre motivations behind eye-catching criminal accounts, TABLOID unearths mind-blowing headlines of your favorite checkout line magazines exposing the biggest stories of the day.


Crime reporter and best-selling author Aphrodite Jones is back with a new season of the hit series TRUE CRIME WITH APHRODITE JONES, featuring intrepid investigations into headline-making crime stories you thought you knew. Each episode follows Jones as she visits the scene of the crime, using her instincts to follow unique and surprising angles to separate truth from rumor behind the lurid headlines. In her investigations, Jones presents compelling evidence and theories that allow viewers to rethink their personal conclusions in some of the most enduring and baffling mysteries of our time.


Former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong goes behind prison walls to interview people whose shocking stories of love and betrayal landed them in the big house. In each episode, DeLong reveals the candid, sometimes shocking story of love and betrayal from the first-person point-of-view of the convict. She interprets these intimate interviews for audiences drawing upon her impressive repertoire of sleuthing skills that include trailing terrorists, going undercover in gangs and hunting for the infamous Unabomber


Each one-hour episode of UNUSUAL SUSPECTS showcases some of the most baffling and challenging cases in contemporary law enforcement and commends the unwavering investigations that led to the arrest of these unlikely culprits. Featuring in-depth interviews from some of America’s top investigative forces, viewers find out how these elusive offenders evaded justice for years, and how persistent police work ultimately got them caught.

DEADLY SINS (Season 4) 

From little white lies to that “forbidden fruit” we can’t help but devour, sins manifest themselves daily in our actions and choices. But when the basic desires of human nature come up against the darkest corners of the human soul, these temptations can often be fatal. DEADLY SINS examines the true evils that push everyday individuals beyond the limits of the law.


SCORNED: LOVE KILLS examines the dark side of love with a voyeuristic peek into the lust and obsession that fueled some of the most senseless, but definitely not emotionless, crimes to make front-page headlines. From dalliances with dancers to a love triangle born from an underground swingers club, the stories featured in SCORNED pair sexual intrigue with bedded betrayal to form a recipe for murder.


Your house should be a place where you feel most comfortable, but to someone who poses a threat, there’s no better way to get inside your life than to get inside your home. A STRANGER IN MY HOME is the perfect blend of mystery and suspense, telling stories of what happens when strangers come together under one roof. Uou might think you can trust this new acquaintance, but looks can be deceiving.


Beyond the boundaries of ordinary life, there is another world that lies just outside of town, where places have no names. Investigating forgotten communities past the perimeters of society, MURDER COMES TO TOWN reveals what can happen in these solitary and desolate places. They may be mere minutes from town but away from civilization, normal rules don’t apply and absolutely anything can happen.


As America’s last true frontier, Alaska is an ideal destination for people wanting to experience the intrinsic beauty of isolated nature – but its wilderness also provides the perfect setting for keeping secrets. People go missing as if swallowed by the elements, but often there’s something far more sinister to blame. ICE COLD KILLERS chronicles cases of people who have gone missing in Alaska, as told by their families, police, and – in some cases – even their cold-blooded abductors.


Following terrifyingly true tales of psychological manipulation, DANGEROUS PERSUASIONS explores everyday people who were brainwashed into making remarkable sacrifices and committing unthinkable acts in the process. Told through intimate, first-person accounts, each hour-long episode details captivating stories of people who were lured into a web of deceit and lost themselves along the way.

I’D KILL FOR YOU (Season 3) 

I’D KILL FOR YOU exposes chilling crimes committed by people with twisted agendas who use their lovers as murder weapons. Each episode tells the story of an ill-fated relationship that leaves one lover not only dumped, but deserted…six feet under. In-depth interviews with family, friends and authorities on the case provide the missing details that patch together pieces of the investigation.


Facilitated through investigators’ detailed accounts, MOTIVES & MURDERS: CRACKING THE CASE finds answers for crimes that have captivated communities and made headlines all across the country. For these cases, the passionate pleas and dedication to justice from family and friends made all the difference.

About Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery (ID) is the leading mystery-and-suspense network on television and America’s favorite “guilty pleasure.” From harrowing crimes and salacious scandals to the in-depth investigations and heart-breaking mysteries that result, ID challenges our everyday understanding of culture, society and the human condition. One of our nation’s fastest growing cable networks, ID delivers the highest-quality programming to nearly 85 million U.S. households and is available in both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD). For more information, please visit, or Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.8 billion cumulative subscribers in 218 countries and territories.

* Source: Nielsen, Live+7 blended with Live+SD from 3/17/14, 1Q14 (12/30/13-3/30/14),  Total Day (M-Su 6a-6a) delivery for ad-supported cable networks, excluding ADSM & NAN, rank comparison based on January 2008.

**  Source: Nielsen, Live + Same Day data, 1/27/08 – 3/30/14 vs. 1/1/07 – 1/26/08, Time Period Averages, Prime (M-Su 8-11p), excludes networks that were not airing during entire period.

***  Source: Nielsen, Live data, 1Q14 (12/30/13 – 3/30/14), Time Period Averages, Prime (M-Su 8-11p) & Total Day (M-Su 6a-6a), ranks exclude Spanish language networks.