With a hundred-year pandemic causing more uncertainty than ever before, many have been reminded of the importance of living simply, sustainably and needing only the basics in order to survive. In an all new season of HOMESTEAD RESCUE, the Raneys quickly learn that while more people have moved off-grid in the last two years to seek a simpler way of living, most are devastatingly unprepared for long-term survival. With challenges that are bigger, tougher and more important than ever, the Raneys will bring families back to the basics to learn how to thrive in any climate or terrain, and how to survive through any major global crisis.
HOMESTEAD RESCUE premieres Thursday, June 17 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery. In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can join the conversation on social media with #HomesteadRescue, and follow Discovery on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates.
This season, expert craftsman and survivalist, Marty Raney, alongside his daughter Misty and son Matt, travel to some of the most remote and dangerous areas of the country to rescue failing homesteads and save these families and their new-found way of living from total demise. Against all odds, the Raneys work to shape these homesteads to outlast the homesteader by setting them up with tangible elements for long-term success and survivability that will allow them to endure anything thrown their way. Utilizing local natural resources where possible and teaching homesteaders – and viewers – how to make do with what they’ve got, this season’s builds feature more ingenuity and creativity than ever before.
From an unlivable hillside homestead off the coast of Hawaii with a failing foundation, to the Heartbreak Goat-el homestead in Mississippi with a serious flooding problem, no homestead is too far gone or dream too far-fetched for the Raneys. When an off-grid family’s small business is shuttered in Girdwood, Alaska, the Raneys create a way to make their fishing dreams come true. By creating a sustainable homestead and protecting it from pesky local wildlife that are ubiquitous in the region, the Raneys attempt to set the family up with the first-ever fully operational, up-to-code commercial kitchen on their homestead to process and sell fish.
In Juneau, Alaska, known for having one of the planet’s wettest climates, the Raneys work to save a cabin from sinking in the rainforest marsh and into the water that seems to be getting everyone sick. By turning the problem of homesteading in such a wet climate on its head by utilizing the problematic water for the homestead’s gain, the Raneys may just be able to give this family a leg to stand on.
Whether it’s improving the basics like food resources with builds including the first-ever hanging garden, or having a little fun with the home-improvements, like building a boat turkey coop or racetrack for the homestead kids, the Raneys are up for any challenge and ready to bring these families back to the basics to ensure survival for the immediate future and the long-haul.
HOMESTEAD RESCUE is produced for Discovery by All3Media America and RAW. For All3Media America, Rebekah Fry, Tim Eagan and Peta Peterson serve as Executive Producers. For Discovery, John Slaughter serves as Executive Producer, and Jessica Mollo serves as Associate Producer.