–The three-part limited series will stream exclusively on discovery+ beginning January 4 –  

(New York, N.Y.) – In the fall of 2019, the internet was transfixed with allegations against one of Youtube’s biggest and most controversial stars, Onision. Women came forward accusing him of unconscionable behavior, and the digital world swirled with rumors. But after weeks of frantic attention, there was a sudden quiet. And the mystery remained: what did Onision really do? Now everything is coming to light in the cutting-edge limited series, Onision: In Real Life, streaming exclusively on discovery+ beginning January 4th.

It all started when Greg Jackson, known to the world as “Onision,” discovered YouTube. The platform was still gaining popularity, and as the power of YouTube grew, the character “Onision” grew with it. Jackson amassed millions of subscribers across multiple channels, luring in viewers with his off kilter, opinionated and often dark humor. But while his wildly popular channels were twisted, what was going on in his real life appears more sinister, and, according to his accusers, possibly criminal.

“This is a true crime series for the streaming generation, sharing the truth behind one of the most notorious characters on the internet,” says Lisa Holme, Group SVP Content and Commercial Strategy for discovery+.  “This story is gripping, addicting, and a perfect example of how truth is stranger than fiction, which is why we’re so proud to include this series as one of the first discovery+ true crime originals.”

According to one of his accusers, Jackson is the type of man who knows the legal age of consent in every state. It is alleged that he and his partner have manipulated relationships with minors, later sexualizing these relationships once they’ve reached legal age. Jackson is known for communicating with fans online, which, observers say, has only made it easier for him to find, connect and correspond with young admirers. He has had multiple relationships with fans, some public, some more private. But now women are coming forward saying they were coerced, claiming they had been groomed, manipulated and preyed upon by the YouTuber. Law enforcement is investigating, but as more accusers come forward, so do more questions.

Onision: In Real Life covers every twist in this saga as it continues to unfold in real time.  Featuring exclusive interviews with his father, Randy Jackson; his ex-fiancé, Shiloh; and acclaimed television journalist Chris Hansen; each episode puts Jackson’s past under the microscope, dissecting his bizarre antics, vicious behavior and alleged predatory actions. The series also includes poignant interviews with other accusers, investigators and YouTubers, as well as vast archival content from Onision’s own channels. The series explores the mystery, controversy and alleged misconduct surrounding Greg Jackson, begging the question:  in a world abounding with influencers, what happens when one goes too far?

ONISION: IN REAL LIFE is produced for discovery+ by Blackfin, an eOne company. At Blackfin, Geno McDermott is executive producer and Grace Miller is showrunner.

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