(Los Angeles, Calif.) — This spring, TLC welcomes back three fan-favorite families as they experience the joys and challenges of raising children. DOUBLING DOWN WITH THE DERRICOS is back with all of the heart that fans fell in love with as the Derricos navigate health scares, a potential pregnancy and one Derrico who’s ready to start dating. LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD returns with wedding planning for Amy, farm ownership decisions for Matt and new milestones for Zach and Tori’s babies. And it’s a season of independence for the whole family on 7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS as the kids look to strike out on their own.

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD – Premieres on TLC on Tuesday, May 11 at 9pm ET/PT

Like the rest of America, the Roloffs are still hunkered down in the midst of the pandemic. As Matt reimagines how to run the family business, Zach contemplates co-owning and running the farm with his dad. Is he ready to handle all that would come with living and working with his father? Meanwhile, after packing up thirty years of memories and moving out of the farmhouse for good, Amy and her fiancé Chris start planning their upcoming wedding. But what happens when they realize they don’t share the same vision for their big day? And Zach and Tori see firsthand the little victories and big challenges that go along with raising two children. Join the conversation using #LPBW. LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced for TLC by Bright Spot Content, an All3Media America company, in association with Gay Rosenthal Productions.

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS – Returns on TLC on Tuesday, May 25 at 8pm ET/PT

When the pandemic started, it brought all the Johnstons back together under one roof, but now the older children are anxious to break out on their own. Viewers last saw Trent and Amber delivering an ultimatum to Jonah: he needed to find his own place within three months. Now, fresh off of celebrating his 21st birthday, Jonah is juggling the hunt for a new place to live, a job search and a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, rising tensions between Anna and Amber have resulted in Anna looking to move out as well. Neither of them is sure how to navigate their strained relationship, and it’s affecting the other Johnstons: it’s one of the primary reasons Elizabeth is also ready to find her own place. With so many changes on the horizon for the family, each Johnston is faced with the realities of growing up. All the while, Trent and Amber fight to keep their family as tight-knit as they’ve always been—even if they don’t all live in the same house. Join the conversation using #7LittleJohnstons. 7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS is produced for TLC by Figure 8 Films.

DOUBLING DOWN WITH THE DERRICOS – Premieres on TLC on Tuesday, June 1 at 10pm ET/PT

The Derrico family returns for a brand-new season centered around raw, real and emotional life moments. There is never a dull moment for this bunch comprised of 14 children, including four sets of naturally conceived multiples and singletons. In these new episodes, the larger-than-life Derricos face unforeseen challenges that catapult them into the most challenging year of their lives. Shaken to their core, Karen and Deon receive unsettling news that three-year-old Diez will potentially require surgery on his skull. Meanwhile, singleton Darian continues her quest for independence, but Deon is as protective as ever, especially when she announces she wants to begin dating. Adding to Deon’s protectiveness, Karen considers that he might have OCD, and when she announces she thinks she might be pregnant, GG has an emotional conversation with the both of them. The Derricos always have a way of finding balance with life’s highs and lows and, this season they take a trip to the mountains, where the kids get to see snow for the first time and, for Halloween, they celebrate with a fun, 70s-themed dance party. This season continues to highlight how much heart and soul this family has, as Karen and Deon work through an incredibly tumultuous time with grace, love and humor. Join the conversation using #TheDerricos. DOUBLING DOWN WITH THE DERRICOS is produced for TLC by Big City TV, part of The Content Group.

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