Environmental, Social, Governance

“Discovery was created over 35 years ago with a mission to educate, inform, and inspire audiences about the world around us. As a purpose-driven company that reaches more than 1 billion people around the world, we carry forward a deep commitment to making a difference through storytelling that gives a voice to the voiceless and the generous efforts of our ten thousand employees across the globe. This commitment is core to who we are and we know that we do well by doing good. Focusing on ESG is crucial to our success and we are a stronger company for it.”

-David Zaslav, 2020  


We strive to be a company that gives back and benefits our people, communities, value chain, and planet while prioritizing good corporate governance to build a more sustainable future for all.


Discovery has a long history of being purposeful and doing the right thing, and over the years we have undertaken a number of initiatives to promote sustainability within and outside the walls of the company. In 2018, we made a number of sustainability commitments to our shareholders. Since then, we’ve met all of those commitments – launching a Global Sustainability Committee, identifying a CEO direct report with responsibility for overseeing our sustainability efforts, and launching this website to tell our story and document our current and future efforts. We also achieved our goal to complete a materiality assessment by the end of 2020, which conducted a thorough assessment of our current practices and stakeholder priorities. In conjunction with a 3rd party nonprofit expert and internal and external stakeholders, we completed this materiality assessment which identified Discovery’s priority ESG issue areas and organized them into the following four overarching themes.

Under this framework, we aggregated what we were doing across the ESG landscape and launched a more refined ESG program in December 2020. Through this program, we are committed to being accountable and transparent about our successes and areas of opportunity. We know this is just the beginning, and will continue to expand and evolve our efforts over time to be responsive to stakeholders and ensure Discovery is a leading sustainable enterprise.

ESG Issues Material to Discovery


Updated: 12/22/2021