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Susan M. Swain

Co-CEO and President


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In March 2012, Ms. Swain was named co-CEO and President of C-SPAN, a multichannel national distributor (TV, radio, internet) of public affairs content. She had served as President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of C-SPAN since December 2006. Ms. Swain also serves as an officer of National Cable Satellite Corporation, as a Director of the C-SPAN Education Foundation and as a member of the Executive Committee of the National Press Foundation. Ms. Swain brings to her Board and committee work experience in the areas of national media, leadership of large organizations, and multichannel operations. Ms. Swain’s expertise in building and managing a national brand and in strategic planning, with a special emphasis on the national broadband transition, adds to the breadth of experience and expertise of our Board. Ms. Swain served as a director of The Talbots, Inc. from 2001 until The Talbots ceased to be a public company in 2012.  Ms. Swain was Chairperson of The Talbots’ Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and was a member of its Audit Committee. She was appointed at its Lead Independent Director in May 2010.