Susan M. Swain

Co-CEO and President


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In March 2012, Ms. Swain was named co-CEO and President of C-SPAN, a multichannel national distributor (TV, radio, internet) of public affairs content. She had served as President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of C-SPAN since December 2006.

Prior Professional Experience:

  • Ms. Swain has been with C-SPAN since 1982.

Committee Membership:

  • Ms. Swain is a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Other Directorships:

  • Ms. Swain also serves as a director of the C-SPAN Education Foundation and as a member of the Executive Committee of the National Press Foundation. Ms. Swain served as a director of The Talbots, Inc. from 2001 until The Talbots ceased to be a public company in 2012.  Ms. Swain was Chairperson of The Talbots’ Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and was a member of its Audit Committee. She was appointed at its Lead Independent Director in May 2010.


  • Ms. Swain holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from University of Scranton (PA).  She served as a trustee of the University for six years and in 1999, the school awarded her an honorary doctorate.