Our Planet

In addition to its on-screen dedication to enlightening and inspiring viewers about the importance of environmental stewardship, Discovery also strives to lead by example through its own sustainability practices, from the environmentally friendly design and operation of our world headquarters building, to green-friendly IT practices, to empowering our employees to save energy, reduce waste and practice sustainability in the workplace.

Discovery Impact@Work

The Discovery Impact@Work program engages Discovery’s employees to become ambassadors for greening the company through the distribution of information on practical ways to go green in their everyday lives, from shopping for groceries to driving around, and real-world green challenges, such as a competition at our global headquarters location to see which floor could save more energy in a week. As part of the program, Discovery also has implemented permanent changes in its global office locations, including the installation of recycling bins, low flush toilets and urinals, and rain water collection systems to irrigate green areas.

ENERGY STAR Recognition

In 2014, Discovery received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s prestigious ENERGY STAR certification, the national symbol for superior energy efficiency and environmental protection, with our global headquarters ranking in the top 3% of buildings nationwide.

LEED Certification

In 2008, Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring became LEED platinum certified after changes were made to the building to reduce its carbon footprint.